Replace your whiteboard with a touch screen and make sure no data is lost.

Plan for employers in the stable. The employers can see their tasks and informations.

When using EqApp no information will get lost. Info about food, equipment and training will always be near.

With EqApp you can make sure no faults are being done. The staff just follow the instructions in the app.

Are you away on holiday or competition you can make changes or supplements to the tasks and the how the day is going.

View all activities with the horses

Follow and change workactivities even when you are not at home

All data at your horse at one place.

The information is synchronized with all units. Therefor you will be able to plan at the pc and the employers can see their tasks on their own unit, fx. touch screen in the stable.

When you keep data at your horse you can always find necessary info such as vaccination, farrier, vet info, results, video, training. You can see the activities from the past and plan for the future.

With EqApp you can easy enter data on your mobile phone, tablet or pc. When you do that the people who you have shared the horse with is able to see the data right away.

If you want to follow the workflow with your students, they can share the excact horse with you and then you can supply if necessary.

When you have clients you can find the best videos with EqApp and if needed you can share the horse for a period.

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